New Beginnings Healing Center is…

A harvest-minded church, committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ around the world.  The time to reap the harvest is NOW!!  Our church is focused on souls coming to the foot of the cross, accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  We seek the fire of evangelism and are committed to taking the Gospel message outside the four walls of the church building to the streets.

A place where the Holy Spirit is free to move in any way He chooses.  The Holy Spirit moves in many different ways: the glory, the fire, the river, the wind, etc. Our church seeks to allow the Holy Spirit to freely move in balance and in fullness.

A place where miracles happen. Signs and wonders are a hook in the jaw of the unbeliever, causing them to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Our church, through the Holy Spirit’s anointing and Christ’s healing power, is committed to being a place where people receive manifested miracles, experiencing healing spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially. For, it is God’s Will for His people to be whole: spirit, soul, and body.

A family oriented ministry, committed to meeting the spiritual needs of the entire family.  “Children are a heritage from the Lord” and we seek to nurture, equip and train them for their God-given destiny.  Our church is focused on developing healthy family relationships and seeing family restoration.

A community-minded church, committed to being an oasis of love, reaching out to those who are lost, dying, hungry, hurt, sick, afflicted, imprisoned, and bound.  We are focused on meeting the needs of other people, touching lives, and making a difference.  “He who gives to the poor will not lack.”  (Proverbs 28:27)

A revival-minded church, committed to being a revival center, where people from around the world can come to receive impartation.

Built around God’s people; not around a man or a ministry. The Bible is clear, “These signs shall follow them that believe.”  The anointing is not limited to the five-fold ministry; but, belongs to every believer.  Our church strives to train, equip and establish believers for the work of the ministry.  We are committed to seeing a mighty army raised up, walking in the manifestation of God’s power, marked by signs and wonders following them everywhere they go.

A missions-minded church, committed to planting other churches throughout the world and specifically third world countries. “Go ye therefore into all the world” is our commission.  As our church supports missions, helping to spread the Gospel message to the uttermost parts of the earth, the Kingdom of God is established through the planting of churches that feed the hungry, provide shelter, and disciple new converts.  Out of these church plants, pastors are raised up to evangelize and plant other churches.

Schedule of Services

10:00 am Worship Service, PG Kidz Church, L.A.M.B. Kidz Church

7:00 pm Midweek Service and Revolution Youth Service

Healing Services:
Last Sunday of each month at 6:00 pm